Helping you achieve better results in the virtual environment


Explore common barriers to meeting success, key ingredients for productivity, and how to use virtual meeting tools to make your meetings better.

Getting Results from Virtual Meetings

Are you moving your team and your meetings to virtual work? A shift to virtual work provides an opportunity to reset your meetings. Learn how to plan and run productive meetings that lead to better results.

This experiential virtual workshop will help you assess and improve your meetings. We will start with a grounding in meeting success factors, and then show how to use virtual platform tools to support meeting productivity, collaboration, and results. You will receive a toolkit and checklists to improve your upcoming meetings.

Our world is rapidly changing. Resilience – the ability to thrive in times of change and uncertainty – helps us stay well and productive when the future is unpredictable.

Building Resilience – Thriving in Change and Uncertainty

In this virtual workshop, we explore the challenges of turbulent times, along with seven key resilience skills to help manage through challenge and adversity.

You will receive a Personal Resilience Profile with individualized feedback on your resilience strengths and development opportunities. We introduce practical strategies to cope with the unexpected, stay focused, and achieve better outcomes.

You will leave with an action plan and strategies to develop the habits of highly resilient people. Optional team resilience profiles and follow-up coaching are available.

Increase your resilience and adaptability

Improve your team’s communication, collaboration, innovation, and results using a science-based approach developed through years of psychometric research.

Accelerating Team Performance

Bring your team to a whole new level. Teams that understand and leverage their differences get better results.

This virtual workshop helps you and your team gain awareness of personal styles and their impacts on others. You will each receive a personalized Emergenetics® assessment measuring thinking and behavioural preferences. You’ll gain practical strategies to improve collaboration with clients and colleagues. Understand the dynamics of your team to improve team results.

Learn to leverage your team strengths to achieve higher levels of engagement, innovation, and productivity. Help your team realize better outcomes and stronger relationships by recognizing and adapting to different thinking and behaviour styles.