We offer Workshop Plus Experiences

Our workshops and learning experiences are available in-person or virtually.

  • Interactive workshops that produce improved performance and lasting change.
  • Customized learning experiences designed to achieve your business goals.
  • High impact, evidence-based learning methods that can easily be integrated into daily work.
  • Wrap-around learning and behaviour change support options.
We support successful change using different learning methods depending on client goals and needs.

Sample Workshop Plus Experiences






Emergenetics: Strengthening Collaboration by Leveraging the Power of Difference

As companies increasingly turn to hybrid work and dispersed teams, it is even more important that leaders, managers, team members and individual contributors receive tools to strengthen inclusion, productivity, engagement, and collaboration.

Emergenetics: Meeting of the Minds

This blended learning experience helps people enhance communication and collaboration. Participants gain self-awareness and insight into how personal preferences impact work relationships and results. Through this expanded awareness, they can better recognize, appreciate and adapt to the needs of others. Participants discover ways to strengthen communication and collaboration and leverage the power of cognitive diversity. Participants receive a personal Emergenetics Profile and access to the Emergenetics+ Mobile App.

Emergenetics: Team Dynamics

Teams that understand each other are better prepared to deliver results. Designed for intact teams, this learning experience helps team members discover their personal and collective preferences and strengths. Teams gain a better understanding of group tendencies and their impact on collaboration. They identify practical strategies to improve communication, collaboration and problem-solving as a team. Participants receive personal and group Emergenetics Profiles and access to the Emergenetics+ Mobile App.

Influencing Skills

Most of us need to influence others and work collaboratively to achieve results. This learning experience helps participants build skills in collaborative influence. We will explore and describe key influence behaviours and help participants recognize their typical influence patterns. Through scenarios and practice, people will increase their influencing versatility and learn to adapt their approach to different people and situations. They will be equipped to assess different situations and plan for effective influence conversations that improve relationships and results.

Leading People During Change

Change is constant for most organizations and in life. Leading successful change is a core competency for managers today. Leaders who can help people navigate change successfully and comfortably are better prepared to move teams and the organization forward. This workshop experience helps leaders recognize their own and others’ natural reactions to change, identify and work with resistance, communicate during change, and involve people in meaningful dialogue that promotes buy-in and engagement. Participants will plan and implement actions to support others through a current change.

Resilience: Thriving in Change and Uncertainty

Our world is rapidly changing. Resilience – the ability to adapt and grow in times of change and uncertainty – helps us stay well and productive when the future feels unpredictable.

In this learning experience, participants receive a Personal Resilience Profile with feedback on their resilience strengths and development opportunities. We discuss current changes and challenges and introduce seven resilience skills that help us adapt and even thrive during turbulence. We explore and practice strategies that contribute to increased well-being and agility for individuals, teams and the organization. Participants create and implement an action plan for developing new habits to strengthen their resilience.

Working with Empathy

Empathy is the skill of connecting with others in ways that demonstrate our understanding and concern for their thoughts and perspectives. Research shows that empathy boosts innovation, collaboration and engagement. In this workshop experience, participants practise core empathy skills and behaviours including active listening, perspective taking, curiosity, avoiding judgment, and self-awareness. Through interactive exercises, discussion, focused practise, feedback and action planning, participants will gain practical actions and tools for applying empathy in their work and life.