Great teams encourage great minds not to think alike.
he best teams know how to make the most of the unique talents of each person on the team.

Emergenetics® promotes personal, leadership and team effectiveness by measuring our individual strengths and preferences in seven areas.

Your profile shows your thinking and behaviour patterns.  It explains which types of thinking and forms of behaviour are effortless for you and why some take more energy.


Emergenetics® helps you understand how your strengths and patterns affect communication and results, both at work and in other relationships.

It’s a brain-based approach that helps individuals, teams and organizations:


  • Communicate and work together to meet objectives
  • Increase understanding of customers, clients and coworkers
  • Accommodate and implement change
  • Adapt our leadership approach to bring out the best in others
  • Build cohesive, productive teams

Meeting of the Minds

Our customizable Meeting of the Minds workshop increases self-awareness and collaboration.

Organizations around the world have used this learning to enhance communication and results: increasing engagement, team collaboration, change resilience, customer service and productivity.

This experiential workshop can be delivered in a variety of formats: half-day, full day, or virtually. Virtual formats can work well for business partners, couples or very small teams.

This is not “One and Done” training. Successful teams, leaders and organizations sustain the learning. They apply Emergenetics® thinking & behaviour insights to improve their productivity, results and relationships after the initial training.

Apply the learning

Build new habits 


  • Use Emergenetics+ App to access your colleagues’ profiles and tip sheets anytime, anywhere
  • Follow up with customized Team Dynamics workshop to enhance team collaboration, communication and effectiveness
  • Get optional structured follow-up micro-learning: text-based reminders, short videos, application activities

Your Emergenetics® Profile comes with access to the Emergenetics+ App

  • Access your Profile Anywhere
  • Connect with Others & Share Profiles
  • Compare Profiles Side by Side – Find Strategies to Collaborate and Communicate
  • Make a Group Summary – See the Combination of Thought and Behavior Present on Your Team
  • Access Strategies and Suggestions for How to Apply Emergenetics in Your Daily Interactions
  • Get tips for:  Communication; Meetings; Presentations; Giving & Receiving Feedback; Resolving Disagreements; Setting Goals; Listening; Receiving Recognition