Are you a team leader looking to strengthen your team’s results?

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

African Proverb

Take your team to the next level. We use a proven process to help teams and team leaders improve engagement and results.

The Luminus Learning Team Development process is ideal for:


  • Project teams
  • Cross-functional teams
  • Teams with new leaders or new mandates
  • Merging teams
  • Virtual teams
  • Leadership teams
  • Teams in transition – new goals, new members

Common results include:

  • Targets met on time, on budget
  • Improved communication
  • More productive meetings
  • Shared purpose and goals
  • Clearer accountability with better follow through
  • Enhanced trust, relationships and results
  • Increased resilience and change readiness

Start with the Team Diagnostic assessment that reveals high impact improvement opportunities.

How we help teams

  • Needs discussion with team leader / sponsor to better understand context, priorities, business goals and current challenges
  • Collect data from all team members to reveal team strengths and improvement opportunities
  • Reveal the results to the team in a debrief session that includes action planning, commitments and accountabilities
  • Support continued progress with follow up support and customized learning based on team assessment results
  • Monthly or quarterly check in meetings to establish new patterns, deepen team’s effectiveness and support achievement of goals
  • Repeat assessment 6 – 9 months after initial to measure results and plan next steps

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Tools we use:

  • Team Diagnostic Assessment
  • Emergenetics Individual and Team Profiles
  • Luminus Learning customized team learning and process worksheets, checklists, and resources

For Team Leaders

Are you taking over or transforming a team? Are you a leader that knows your team can improve?

It’s time to turn your instincts into a clear team leadership action plan.  It’s time to improve the climate, collaboration, and results of your team.

Use a proven Team Diagnostic assessment to measure your team’s current strengths and improvement opportunities and take action to improve team effectiveness.

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Leaders can start with a Team Leader View assessment – a convenient online survey based on a proven model of team effectiveness used by thousands of teams around the world. We will provide your results in a 90 minute debrief conversation and can use them to help you develop a 90-day action plan:


  • team activities
  • one-to-one action areas
  • targeted learning
  • regular progress check-ins